Software engineer VIE



Headquartered in Singapore, Spare Parts 3D offers 3D printing solutions to home appliance manufacturers. We digitize their spare parts inventory, and make it possible to produce anywhere, anytime in the shortest delay by leveraging our worldwide network of 3D printers in Australia, Europe, Asia and America. Our technology drastically cuts warehousing costs and shortens the supply chain. 

We are looking for talents able to take on responsibilities in a fast-moving environment. If you are interested in marketing, new technologies, entrepreneurship, or simply looking for new challenges, apply now!


During this mission your main objectives (not restrictive) will consist in:

Integration and automation of engineering processes:
  • Bring innovative features to the existing software tools to improve SP3D's industrialization capabilities,
  • Create bridges between applications to smoothen the engineering workflow,
  • Build internal (clean and reusable) tools to improve testing and experimentations,
  • Ship reliable software through continuous integration, test automation, and code reviews,
Deployment and maintenance of different systems/apps:
  • Customer App: automatic financial analysis and tools. Part Catalogue and customer information.
  • Internal Engineering app: for our engineers to iterate on their 3D models work, launch prints, handle statuses and orders
  • Deploy and support our operational IT backbone infrastructure from customer order collection to production and quality assurance,
  • Secure company's and customers’ data throughout operations,
  • Have an understanding and appreciation of software engineering best practices,


  • You can get your hands dirty in all kinds of code,
  • Python fluent (knowledge of Django framework is a +) for backend,
  • HTML/CSS/JS-JQuery for frontend. Jinja2 template engine (part of Django package),
  • Git projects usage: GitHub / BitBucket,
  • Use of MySQL Databases, as well as no-SQL DB like MongoDB,
  • AWS deployment and usage for our platforms,
  • Knowledge of C++ and Perl is a +
  • 3 years minimum of relevant experience

Bonus points:
Additive manufacturing industry experience,
APIs implementation experience,
Projects involving micro-computers (raspberry pi),
Knowledge of Flask framework
Data Engineering (Machine Learning) is a +, not a requirement
Web scrapping